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Greetings from Karelia Software!

Thanks for the great bug reports and crash/error reports that you all have been sending our way. It's been really helpful. Our last beta version had fixed a number of issues, but a few problems that seemed minor at the time took a little longer to fix than we anticipated ... so here's another beta. Along with many fixes, we've re-done the way images are handled, so you will probably notice a good speed-up in dealing with photo pages. More details in our full release notes.

License Code Required

One thing we forgot to mention in our last email message was that the newest versions have their licensing mechanism in place, so you'll need a license to actually publish your site. We're not ready to sell licenses yet, so we've provided you some temporary keys you can use. Enter either of these codes by choosing Buy/Register Sandvox... from the Sandvox menu. (The latter one enables 'Pro' functionality like Raw HTML elements.)

(Warning: If you already entered a license code from last round, you will need to use one of these new ones; those codes expire on April 23rd.)

Last chance for referral discounts coming soon

As we mentioned when you signed up for this email alert list, we have a discount program going on where we will discount your price for Sandvox for each person you sign up for Sandvox. (Full details on the download page, linked below.) As of this writing, you do not have any referrals recorded in our database. You still have a few days before we release Sandvox to tell your Mac friends about Sandvox, and knock a bit off of the price — just use the contact form on the download page. If you get some referrals, we'll send you a special code and URL when we release the program so you can take advantage of your discount price!

The Download

If you have the older beta version of Sandvox running, you can download the new version by clicking on the "Update Sandvox" badge in the corner of the window. Or, just use click on this URL:

A Bonus Package of Designs

Just for members of our email list, we also have a little bonus: a package of five additional website designs. Download it here.

Over the next days, we're looking to eliminate as many crashes and errors as we can, so please don't hesitate to send us those reports using our automated mechanisms. Or send in your individual bug reports from Send Feedback... in the Help menu, or by emailing us.