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Greetings from Karelia Software!

We're pleased to announce Sandvox version 1.1.2, an important update that addresses many issues our customers have shared with us since the beginning of the year.

We went through a much lengthier beta cycle this time, producing no fewer than 12 public betas which were announced on, and tested by, our lively Sandvox Yahoo! group/mailing list. We can't thank them enough.

The many improvements in 1.1.2 include:

Download it here:

Sandvox Add-Ons

While we've been heads-down programming on Sandvox for the last couple of months, two new companies have joined the Sandvox fold. Blueball Design is now offering the first of their commercial Sandvox designs, "Pro Tabs," for download. We look forward to many more great designs from Charlie and Josh. We have word that there are also some other third-party designs being released soon; stay tuned. And, of course, we will be adding more built-in designs in a future release.

To·The·Point Software is now offering SVDesignMiner that provides a straightforward GUI for editing or replacing the various elements that make up a Sandvox design.

The Near Future

We've concentrated on bugfixes and optimizations recently, and although we will still be working on any issues our users may need help with, we will be focusing a bit on some new features. We have several amazing new pagelets that will be ready for release soon, plus a few basic enhancements to the application that we are sure you will like! We keep you posted!