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Now serving: Sandvox websites!

How would you like hassle-free hosting for your Sandvox website?

What if administering your Sandvox website could be as easy as typing in your email address and picking a password?

Since the initial release of Sandvox, the biggest issue we’ve seen customers face is publishing successfully. We saw struggles with FTP and SFTP, cPanels, fiddly settings, and set up processes that vary from web host to web host. There was only so much Sandvox itself could do to help. So, we set about figuring out how to provide a better hosting experience for Sandvox customers.

Today, we’re thrilled to let you know that we have created a hosting service for Sandvox websites that Mac users will find comfortable, simple, and easy-to-use. It is called, simply, Sandvox Hosting.

To build it, we drew on experiences working with customers; and we included some things that we think should be “part of the package” — like privacy-protection for every domain registration. Nice, right?

Start from Sandvox

With Sandvox Hosting, you can use ‘Setup Host’ in Sandvox to create a Sandvox Hosting account, set up a location to publish to, and go. Sandvox Hosting is integrated with, and optimized for, Sandvox.

Sandvox icon Important: To try Sandvox Hosting, you’ll need Sandvox 2.10. Available now from the Updates tab of the App Store or directly from Karelia, depending on your place of purchase.

Plans & features

You can choose a monthly plan, and host your site at mysite . sandvox . net for $7.99 per month; or register a custom domain name with any of the three annual plans — and when you sign up for an annual plan, you get one privacy-protected domain registration included in the plan (that’s about a $25 value).

Can you transfer a domain in? Yes. Do you have to? Nope.

Because of the way Sandvox works, you don’t have to “migrate” your website. You can even skip transferring a domain if you wish. Just register a new domain and publish there.

Can you use Sandvox Hosting for non-Sandvox websites? Nope.

Can you do basic email forwarding? Yes.

Worried that you have to make a change? Don’t be. You can still choose any hosting provider you wish. But we think people will enjoy using Sandvox Hosting, and we’re really excited to make Sandvox Hosting available to you.

Thank you, as always, for your support. It means the world to us.

Happy Hosting!

— The Karelia Software team