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Paper & Tape?
No! The Wrap Inspector

Ever tried to drag an inline image up or down to place it in the middle of some text while working on a Sandvox website? Did you see the checkbox “Object causes wrap” in the inspector? The Wrap Inspector is the key to how objects are positioned on a page, and how text wraps around those objects.

We put together this short article to explain some of the fine points of the Wrap Inspector, to help you take advantage of all that it can do.

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A New Mac? Moving Sandvox Is Easy

Santa bringing you a new Mac this year? We hope so too! Just in case, we put together a little refresher on moving or transferring Sandvox (and your websites created with Sandvox) to a new Mac.

Don’t fret — it’s easy to do. There are just a few things to be aware of before you get started. This quick article will have you prepared in minutes.

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