February 2010
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Greetings from Karelia Software!

February is a short month, so it follows that we should have a short newsletter this month!

Please vote for Sandvox!

The ever-useful about.com is currently holding a "Reader's Choice" survey for several categories, including "Best Macintosh HTML Editor." We're pleased that Sandvox is one of the nominees.

If you have a moment today — the last day to vote is today — could you head over to their page and vote?

Two New Designs from Blueball Design

Blueball Qubit

Blueball White

We like to showcase new designs from our many friends who create add-ons for Sandvox. This month, Charlie at Blueball Designs has been busy with two design families.

Blueball Qubit gives your website a slick, high-tech look with its "cubes" background look. It comes with six different color schemes. We especially like the orange and the dark variations, but you might have another favorite!

Blueball White came about because of a number of requests for a "white" version of their "Blueball Shadow" design. It is a three-column layout with a vertical site menu, which allows for very big, detailed websites. Blueball White comes in nine color highlight schemes.

If you are searching for a fresh new look for your website, check out these two new entries, or any of the many others available from the community of Sandvox designers!

Application Downloads

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