February 2013
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Greetings from Karelia Software!

Hey Cupid, Need a Hand?

Envision a person declaring their love with a website on Valentine’s day. Maybe it’s you! A clever video and a series of blog entries on “let me count the ways” would demonstrate deep, abiding love, right?

Perhaps even pop the question!

On second thought, some things might be better left to bended knee. The point is: be it business or entirely personal, the same techniques apply regardless of the content involved in the website you want to create. Incorporating a video and making a blog are two of the most common features applied to all manners of websites.

Proposal YouTube Video

Read our short short guide to adding a YouTube Object and a Blog to learn how to use two Sandvox features we really , whether your website topic is all-business, or not.

Switching Up the Sidebar

On your website, you may not want the sidebar’s contents to match at every page. You may want to switch it up a little bit. Or have one sidebar that’s not like the others. No problem. You can do that with Sandvox.

In this article, we’ll share guidance for how to turn off (or on) objects in the sidebar for any particular page. What do we mean by the sidebar? Part publishing term, part interface element, when it comes to a website the sidebar lets you present ancillary information or navigation choices.

But on a single website, not all sidebars need to be the same. If you didn’t realize you could change the way content appears on each page in this area, check out this article for a quick walk-through of the steps to do it. Enjoy!

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