July 2013

Greetings from Karelia Software!

Road Trip! A Sandvox Site Spotlight

Here in California, summer has officially started—and as seasons go, we’d guess that it just might be the one with the most fans. Summer calls to mind so many things: strawberries, sunscreen, and vacation among them.

This month, with a nod to summer, we’re spotlighting a website created with Sandvox that tells of some of the greatest kinds of adventures, road trips!

Valley of Fire State Park, image from Peter Thody's website

Join us for a look at Pete Thody’s Sandvox-built site, where he shares from his American road trip adventures. Pete’s not from the US, which makes his lenses all the more interesting to look through.

We really enjoyed seeing how he put Sandvox to work for him. In this short article, we point out facets of Sandvox used on Pete’s site as examples of how they can be used. Come along for the ride….

Action! Adding Video to Sandvox Websites

Ready for some action and adventure yourself? We support the idea—get out and have as much fun as you can squeeze in…and while you’re at it, record a bit of it. Then, if you want to, you can use Sandvox to share your videos quickly and easily—like Pete does, on his Sandvox-built website spotlighted in the previous article.

frame of video by Peter Thody

Putting videos on a Sandvox website is easy and straightforward. The thinking is in the setup.

To make sure as many visitors as possible can easily view your videos, read this quick article reviewing video file formats and preparation for posting.

Enjoy this month’s articles, and see you in the Sandvox!