March 2013
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Is Your Content Hard-Working?

robot using a computer When writing for the web, it is good to keep in mind that there are two very different types of readers in the audience. There are we humans, and then there are the computers who visit websites on behalf of search engines. The computers go out, and read or “crawl” the text that makes up websites. They use the information they gather to provide search results, a key source of traffic for any website.

Most of us know a bit about writing for our fellow humans. At the very least, we can put pen to paper (or even fingers to a keyboard) knowing what we would each like to know about a topic when we begin the job of writing about it for someone else.

Guitar Suppose you wanted to let other people know that you had decided to teach guitar lessons. You could tackle writing a few web pages with potential students in mind, right? You might describe your qualifications, or the space you teach in. Perhaps you would include a page with your contact information or a page with schedule options or even lesson fees.

Some website authors don’t realize that the way text is used on websites has an impact on how search engine crawlers read it for relevance to keywords.

There are some things website authors can do when writing content for a website to help ensure that the whole audience finds it attractive. We offer some suggestions in this short article on tuning website content for traffic.

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Luring Googlers to Your Site

When was the last time you used a search engine to find your own website? If you checked it recently, where did your URL appear in the results set? Was it on the first page or the fiftieth? At the top of the list? Middle of the set? Also, what did you search for? Was it your company name, or simply a keyword related to your site?

Many, many factors impact where a website’s pages appear on search results pages of search engine sites. The two biggest factors are the content of the site, and the way the pages themselves are constructed.

Sandvox helps get you off on the right foot with search engines simply by being smart about the way it sets up the pages of your website. Interested in learning a little more? Check out this quick article on Sandvox & Search Engines.

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