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Blueball Simplex    Updated 20 October 2015 · Released 15 October 2015Blueball Design

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Blueball Simplex is a simple-to-use modern responsive Sandvox design that makes any site Google "mobile-friendly" automatically!. 11 colors, 24 banners, 12 custom fonts, Entire banner scales down. Price: $12.95 US.

New in this update: Version 1.1 update - Corrects duplicate top and bottom borders page display issue. Only single top and bottom border display now.

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Blueball Reactive    Released 5 June 2015Blueball Design

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Blueball Reactive is an easy-to-use responsive Sandvox design that makes any site Google "mobile-friendly"!. 13 colors, 25 banners, 9 custom fonts, Entire banner scales down. Price: $12.95 US.

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Blueball Flexor    Released 28 March 2015Blueball Design

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Blueball Flexor Responsive is a modern "mobile-friendly" responsive design that displays your site on desktop, tablets and smartphones alike.. Offers 9 colors and custom banners. Price: $12.95 US.

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Blueball Apex    Released 17 February 2015Blueball Design

icon for Blueball Apex

Blueball Apex is a responsive mobile-friendly Sandvox design, that comes with custom full screen background and banner images, 16 preset custom banners and backgrounds, 9 colors, 12 custom fonts. Price: $12.95 US.

→ 12.95 — Buy Now

Beryllium    Updated 11 March 2014 · Released 10 March 2014BehindTheRabbit

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Beryllium is an all-purpose flat design for Sandvox available in six different colors (default blue, red, green, bright blue, orange, black).

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Krypton Pro    Updated 12 December 2013 · Released 29 November 2012BehindTheRabbit

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Krypton Pro is a superset of Kryptonite, a free design bundled with Sandvox 2.8. It comes in three variations: Default (with right sidebar), Left sidebar and “Gallery”. You can customize more with simple, ready-made code.

New in this update: Bug fixes

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Lithium    Updated 12 December 2013 · Released 30 April 2013BehindTheRabbit

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Lithium is a white-background, wide theme with improved typography and an elegant layout. It’s perfect for corporate sites, blogging or personal pages, but its brand new photo-galleries make it really stand out if you’re a photographer. Lithium comes in six variations (three colors and two layouts).

New in this update: Bug fixes

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Theme Designs for Sandvox    Released 9 December 2013Macmanus

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15 templates for Sandvox.


→ Download Theme Designs for Sandvox

→ $19.99

Grafite    Updated 9 October 2013 · Released 16 October 2009BehindTheRabbit

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Grafite has an overall dark look. It's suitable for many purposes but it's a pity not to use it for photo galleries: in fact photos look gorgeous! Photo pages have a minimalistic but elegant design: the header is hidden and the site menu is reduced to be unobtrusive. Pictures keep your visitor's focus, nothing else.

New in this update: Retina-ready, support for the blockquote object, larger images and "ready-made" code injection options

→ Free

Carbone    Updated 4 September 2013 · Released 29 June 2009BehindTheRabbit

icon for Carbone

The white page on a gray background, a balanced use of color and whitespace, discrete shadows and glows make this design elegant and well readable. Moreover, you can choose between six variations (orange, green, dark blue, light blue, red, orange with right sidebar) in combination with 18 provided gradients for your header.

New in this update: Retina-ready, support for the blockquote object, larger images and "ready-made" code injection options

→ Free

Templates for Sandvox    Released 9 August 2013Macmanus

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Free templates for Sandvox.


→ Download Templates for Sandvox

→ free

Simple Rabbit    Updated 11 June 2013 · Released 22 June 2009BehindTheRabbit

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Simple Rabbit is a clean and polished white design with a light grey background. You can change the default (orange, green, red, blue) color to your entire website or to single pages.

New in this update: Huge update! Retina support, ready-made code injections, larger images, various refinements and a lot of work under the hood

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