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Creating Sandvox Designs

Macmanus develops Sandvox designs, that allow creating amazing and professional websites without the struggle. The goal of the company is to provide people with high quality templates and help them to create outstanding websites.

All the Sandvox designs by Macmanus have unique backgrounds, astonishing colors and eye-catching elements. Furthermore, they can be used for private or small business websites.

Company was launched in 2009 by the dedicated Apple fans, with an intention to create exciting and fun add-ons for Mac OS X applications. Our team consists of professional designers, programmers and other specialists, working hand in hand to achieve the best result.

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Family    Released 31 August 2012

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Family is one of 15 designs included in Theme Designs for Sandvox package. All the designs in the package are made of carefully crafted elements and are full of astonishing colors. They are the best choice for private or small business websites. All the designs are received within one purchase, for the price of US $19.99.

→ US $19.99 - Price of the bundle. — Buy Now

Templates for Sandvox    Released 9 August 2013

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Free templates for Sandvox.


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→ free

Theme Designs for Sandvox    Released 9 December 2013

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15 templates for Sandvox.


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→ $19.99