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Gary Byrd of Kuler Solutions, with new friends at a recent charity fundraiser

Sandvox has emerged one of the best apps to use for people who are looking to build professional websites in as little amount of time as possible. Our goal is to provide clean, reliable, and usable designs for Sandvox that can be used for any type of website.

With more than a dozen years in html design I formed my own design company in 2005. My focus has always been on providing a great product backed up by great service.

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4 Corners    Updated 25 July 2011 · Released 10 July 2009

icon for 4 Corners

4 Corners comes in 8 different colors on 2 different backgrounds giving you a total of 16 designs to choose from.

When you purchase the 4 Corners design you will receive the following:

  • 16 Designs (8 Color Schemes on a light and dark background)
  • The original Photoshop file that I used when creating the corners and canvas
  • Snippets of code to create 2, 3, or 4 columns along with instructions ... also included a snippet to create "boxes" in the sidebar (just like in the "My Life" Design)

The 4 Corners design can be purchased as a stand alone item for only $10 or as part of the Complete Design Bundle for only $34.00.

New in this update: Updated for SV2


→ $12.00 — Buy Now

Apogee    Released 3 April 2012

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A brand new design for Sandvox. The Apogee design is a 100% responsive design that looks good on the desktop as well as mobile devices

"Apogee" Design for Sandvox

A 100% responsive theme!

The Apogee design comes loaded with all the features that you would want in a design for Sandvox plus it automatically resizes itself depending on the display size.

Some features include:

Apogee Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Responsive menu with drop-down sub menu's
  • Extra Content container for 2, 3, or 4 column footers
  • Built on a responsive 960 Grid system (http://getskeleton.com/)
  • Buttons built-in
  • IE7-10, Safari, Chrome & Firefox


→ $15.00 — Buy Now

Big Time    Updated 25 July 2011 · Released 10 December 2009

icon for Big Time

Inspired by one of the large news sites I wanted the "Big Time" design to be a clean design that could be used by businesses or corporations but also a design that could be used by non-profit sites, family sites or personal sites.

The "Big Time" design comes in a web friendl

New in this update: Updated for SV2


→ $12.00 — Buy Now

My Life    Released 2 August 2011

icon for My Life

The "My Life" design is a very useful design with a large header area that can accept custom headers. It also has room for a logo up to 320px by 320px.

  • Use your own custom header (Just drag and drop)
  • Custom logo (Up to 320px by 320px)
  • Pretty lists
  • Pretty Quotes
  • Buttons built-in


→ $12.00 — Buy Now