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Greetings from Karelia Software!

There's a new beta available — beta 14 — that's available for downloading from our website.

There aren't a lot of changes in this version, just some bugs fixed. Still more fixes to come.

Download the new Sandvox from:

Documentation Coming Online

As a member of this email list, we wanted you to be able to preview some new user documentation for Sandvox which is starting to take shape. It's available online at [obsolete].karelia.com. This documentation is built as a "wiki" (using the same software that runs Wikipedia), meaning that anybody can contribute. For those of you who by now are comfortable using Sandvox, and you'd like to contribute your expertise to help others, this is your chance! The rest of the Sandvox community will appreciate any input you provide. Or, you can use the "discussion" tab on any topic for which you'd like to comment upon.