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Greetings from Karelia Software!

On the heels of version 1.2, which introduced several new features and improved existing ones, we're pleased to let you know that we have just released version 1.2.1. We've made several improvements and laid the groundwork for new features in upcoming versions.

But first, download information. Download it here:

Improvements in 1.2.1

We've been able to address several issues in this release. Although most are "under the hood," we think you'll agree that they translate into improvement in both speed and usability.

At the top of the list is improved memory management. Although many of our users may not notice a significant difference, those of you who are working with larger, nested sites should see an improvement in speed, refresh rate, and overall performance. In tandem, we've sped up HTML generation to make site development even more streamlined.

The new designs and swappable banners of version 1.2 have been a hit, and we're continuing to work on design-related features and improvements. Version 1.2.1 contains improvements to several designs to enhance compatibility with Internet Explorer 7. Fixes to the CSS of some designs should eliminate irregularities that appeared on some large sites.

Our new pagelets have also been well received, and we've made a few fixes to the Amazon.com, del.icio.us, and RSS badge pagelets. If you experienced any difficulties we encourage you to republish after downloading version 1.2.1: We think you'll see a difference. We've also incorporated some anti-spam measures to minimize unwanted mail via contact forms.

For Pro Users

Users of our Pro Edition will notice additional improvements within the raw HTML editor, Google Analytics, and when editing JavaScript. When combined with the enhancements noted above and a host of small bugfixes and adjustments, we believe this version of the Pro Edition is the strongest yet.


The list of improvements and bugfixes can be found in the full release notes. We look forward to your response to version 1.2.1, and for those of you who will be attending Apple's World Wide Developers Conference next week, we hope to meet you in person in or around the Moscone Center. We'll still be minding the shop while we're learning about what Apple has planned for the upcoming year, and we plan to incorporate what we learn to make Sandvox even better.

One final note: If you like Sandvox, consider posting a review on one of the many download sites, such as VersionTracker, MacUpdate, Softpedia, IUseThis...