April 2013
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Sitemaps, Sandvox, and Search

Undoubtedly, as you’ve explored the web you’ve noticed that many sites offer links to pages for ‘Site Maps’ that simply list the pages of the website.

Site maps help search engines — and, occasionally, visitors — to find the pages of a website that might not have obvious links from other pages. So, if you haven’t already put one on your site, you may want to consider doing so.

In this short article, we explain the difference between the ‘Sitemaps’ that search engines look for on a website, and what a ‘Site Map’ page means in the context of Sandvox — and the important things about each one!

Analytics: I’m being overrun by Alaskans?

Have you ever thought about where people who visit your website live? Is it Alaska or Alabama? What about Michigan, Maine, or Moldova?

You can find out the answers to questions like these and much more quite easily, thanks to the built-in integration Sandvox features for working with Google Analytics. Google offers Google Analytics free of charge, so it’s well-worth considering.

If you’re wondering what is meant by “analytics,” the answer is actually fairly simple. It’s basically looking at and then aggregating all of the visitor activity that occurs on your website during a certain period of time.

To learn more, check out this article on Analytics & Sandvox.

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