June 2012
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Goodbye MobileMe… So Long, iWeb.
Hello, Sandvox!

Just a friendly reminder that MobileMe ends June 30. If you, or your friends, are publishing iWeb sites to MobileMe, you have just a few days left to find them a new home. Fortunately, Sandvox is here to help.

iWeb Users: Get Sandvox until the end of June for 20% off.
Just enter the coupon code iWeb at our on-line store.

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Sandvox publishes to just about any web host. If you’re looking for great service, may we suggest A2 Hosting?

Announcing Sandvox 2.6

Sandvox now makes the transition from iWeb even easier. Sandvox 2.6 ships today featuring the all-new iWeb Content Extractor.

Extracting contents of a site

Migrating a website from iWeb to Sandvox takes a bit of effort, but it’s really worth it. Here’s your chance to freshen up, expand your site, and really move things forward. Sandvox 2.6 now makes that task even easier.

Simply choose ”Extract Contents of Website…“ and enter the URL of your legacy iWeb site. Sandvox will examine your old site and extract what it sees as the key text and images for each page that it finds, creating new Sandvox pages along the way. It’s meant to be a starting point from which you can then choose the design you want and add any other objects that you’d like to be on your site. There’s never been a better time to make the move to Sandvox and take your website to bigger and better places.

Download Now

Sandvox update also available from the Mac App Store.