Add-on Sandvox Designs for every occasion

Want to give your Sandvox site a fresh look? From time to time, we like to highlight designs for Sandvox from our third-party design community. We haven’t done that in a while so here are some big updates — with special sale prices — from two of our favorite design providers.

Blueball Apex Blueball Reactive Blueball Simplex

Blueball Design has released 4 new responsive Google “mobile-friendly” designs over the past 12 months that provide built-in desktop AND mobile layouts. This allows your Sandvox site to display equally well on all devices from desktops to tablets to smartphones, by repositioning and scaling page elements as needed to automatically fit the screen width of the device your site is being viewed on.

Their designs also provide unique custom banner images that are hosted for you by Blueball that can be displayed on your sites, or you can use your own custom banner images. The Blueball Apex design also features a full screen page background image that can be customized too.

Take advantage of Blueball Design‘s Sandvox design May sale that ends May 31, 2016, and save 15% off the regular price by using the discount code: sandvoxmay15sale in the cart window. This discount also applies to their Blueball Sandvox Responsive Bundle where you get all 4 responsive designs for the price of 3.

Macmanus designs

Macmanus has a great offer for every Sandvox user. The templates are made by professional designers and will help everyone to compose stylish, easy-to-use and high-quality-design websites easily. 73 templates in two apps will help to find the best design for a special website. More attractive designs, additional colors and elements with a special 50% discount are available through the end of May.

  • Theme Designs for Sandvox — the app with 30 templates inside. Regular price $24.99; Special price $11.99 until May 31st.
  • Templates for Sandvox app is a free app with 40 additional templates as In-App purchase. The prices of In-App purchases are reduced by more than 50% until May 31st.

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