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In early 2001, Karelia Software founder Dan Wood, designed a companion product to Apple’s Sherlock 2, aptly named “Watson.” From these humble beginnings Karelia Software has evolved to create award-winning website creation software for the Mac that’s as easy to use as the Mac itself.

Learn more about the history of Karelia Software, Sandvox, The Hit List, Tangerine!, Stars, Five Moku and our open-source projects. Download the Company History.


Karelia Software is a distributed team of Macintosh software developers who share a mission: to develop simple, elegant and intuitive Mac software that fills a practical need in the Mac community. Supported by other people (accounting, tech support, etc) who are also passionate about the Mac and iOS, the core developer team includes: Dan Wood, Mike Abdullah and Andy Kim.

What our Users Say

Sandvox appeals to people from all walks of life, except one: professional HTML developers (and even a few HTML code slingers will use Sandvox to prototype, but clearly they are “the exception that proves the rule”). Sandvox Sites provides a gallery of websites built with Sandvox from around the world, submitted by the website creators themselves, in their own words. Notice the tag cloud, on the left-hand side, for a quick visual representation of the wide variety of interests.

What We Say

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