Karelia Software's Cocoa Open Source

A random collection of useful bits of Cocoa, as found in Watson and in other sundry Karelia applications and testbeds. Feel free to adapt these for use in your Cocoa applications.


NSScrollView subclass to insert a "placard" within the scrollbar area. /AppKit_Classes
NSBox subclass that just fills itself with white /AppKit_Classes
NSComboBoxCell subclass to do auto-complete case-insensitively /AppKit_Classes
NSProgressIndicator subclass that hides itself when it's empty (not indeterminate, and a value of 0.0) /AppKit_Classes
NSMovieView subclass to put an NSMovieView in an NSDrawer /AppKit_Classes
NSImageView subclass to make sure a bitmap doesn't "blur" by being aligned to half pixels /AppKit_Classes
NSButton subclass that hides itself when it's disabled /AppKit_Classes
NSMovieView subclass to force movie to maintain proper aspect ratio /AppKit_Classes

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