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Greetings from Karelia Software!

Thanks to all of those who have downloaded and tried out Sandvox. The response has been overwhelming and for that we are grateful.

Yes, it's true: We've had reports of new bugs. We're working hard on those and we think it's time for an update. Of course, there's no way we could fix them all for this release, but we wanted to tackle the most critical problems and get a new version (1.0.1) out to everyone quickly.

We should also have a more comprehensive bugfix release in a couple of weeks, so rest assured we are working day and night to make your Sandvox experience "smooth sailing."

Join the Discussion

We recently set up a Yahoo! discussion group for Sandvox users to discuss the program, show people what they are working on, ask questions, and so forth. Come join the group and join the discussion!

Gallery of Websites By Our Users

Our users have done some amazing things with Sandvox. Come visit our website: We've added a pagelet linking to some wonderful websites that our users have created with Sandvox. (If you have taken your Sandvox site "live" and want to be listed, let us know!

The Download

Version 1.0.1, get it while it's hot....

We have detailed the updates in the release notes. Most of the fixes had to do with the uploading process (we are constantly finding new web hosts that have quirky servers that we have to address) and the French localization (a last-minute goof lost about half of the French strings in the 1.0 release).

Introductory Pricing Ending Soon

If you haven't purchased Sandvox yet, don't forget that our introductory prices ($39 for Sandvox; $69 for Sandvox Pro) will continue only until 16 June 2006. Get your license to Sandvox before the price goes up!