"One Finger Discount" Launches

Yesterday, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software put together a cool marketing idea: the One Finger Discount.  (Hmm, which finger did he have in mind?) The idea is that during the MacHeist free bundle deal, a lot of other Mac companies would offer nice 20% discounts on their software. (We're happy to join the fray, so I've just submitted Sandvox to the list.)

The speed of Twitter is amazing. It looks like the pre-announcement happened 18 hours ago on Twitter, the launch was 11 hours ago, and (because I spend a lot of time working rather than keeping up with Twitter, I'm ashamed to admit) I first heard about it … a few minutes ago.

This is a great idea, and not a lot of heavy lifting was need to get this off the ground. There are already over forty companies and roughly fifty applications available with this discount! Kudos to Daniel for this idea.  I'm curious to see if this spreads very far beyond the inner circle of people who keep up with Mac news on Twitter and the Mac-specific blogs and websites.  (Indies, I'm curious to hear here or on twitter how well this promotion does for your sales...) 

Followup, November 9: I was planning on asking Daniel to share the genesis of this  nice promo, but he saved me the trouble, and wrote about it on his own blog.

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