"Running a MicroISV" video talk

I came across this video by Jonathan Freeman of WidgetPress from a CocoaHeads Atlanta meeting a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to Scotty and Foxy of the MDN Show for pointing out this video.

You can skip until about the four minute mark if you don't want to hear a lot of company history, and really the main point of the talk doesn't start until 12:00.

Of course he covers a lot more than just marketing in this talk. The content that is related to marketing includes understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website analytics, giving out special information and licenses to bloggers, issuing press releases, and making yourself known in the Mac community. He also introduces a good technique to paying attention to how much money your company is making on an hourly basis (which, to me, is helpful when judging when you should consider paying somebody to handle some tasks for you, as I mentioned in my previous post.)

Overall, some good advice! I, however, will not be trying to emulate his getting up at four in the morning!

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