Some designs feature a banner; a large image across the top of the page. For example, the Crimson Royale design:

Sandvox designs fall into one of three categories:

(If a design does not support a banner image, there is no way to add one. And if the design initially comes with a banner design, there is no way to completely remove it.

Replacing the initial Banner

Sandvox allows you to replace the banner with one of your own choosing.

To set the banner image of a site:

  1. Open the Document Inspector.
  2. Go to the Appearance tab.
  3. From the "Banner" popup, select "Image Fill".
  4. Click the "Choose…" button to navigate to the file you wish to set as your banner.

Reverting or removing your custom banner

To set the banner image of a site to its default image (or remove it, if applicable):

  1. Open the Document Inspector.
  2. Go to the Appearance tab. Under "Banner" and choose "Design-Supplied".


Banner images can be a maximum of 800* pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

However, the actual space available for the banner varies from design to design (Stock designs not mentioned here do not support banners):

Design Banner Width Banner Height
Appleseed 770 200
Aqua 730 170
Aurora Palace 730 194
Black and White* 800 200
Brown and Green 771 180
Cathedral 750 205**
Cirrus 745 185
Clean Sheets 800 160
Clockwork 760 200
Crimson Royale 740 205
Diagonals 775 195
Distinction 770 130
Dolphin Dance 760 200
Earth and Sky 770 160
Expansion* 800 150
Galaxy 760 205
Glass Box 750 205**
Hydrogen 960 180
Imagine 765 200
Into the Blue 730 120
Kryptonite 960 280
Mezzanotte 740 130
Minimalist 730 190
Minty Fresh 773 235
Neo News 745 185
Night Breeze 765 205
No Parking Anytime 750 205
Outside the Lines 760 195
Pacific Sky 755 155
Reflections 760 190
Serengeti 760 200
Simply 770 205
Skyline 710 150
Slate Manifest 730 200
Smooth Dark 730 155
Something Borrowed 750 160
Square Perch 750 185
Stars* 800 125
Sunburst 745 200
Telegraph Office 785 205
Wall 775 200

* The banner for these designs can stretch up to the width of the browser.

** Banner height for the home page only. The banner is vertically cropped for the rest of site.

Sandvox will attempt to fit your supplied banner image to this size as well as it can. The image will be centered horizontally, and then aligned at the top; the excess is cropped. If the result isn't satisfactory, try cropping the image (using an application such as Preview) to a more appropriate size before inserting it.

Banner Image Sources

Of course, you can also use photos of your own. Just be sure to crop them appropriately first.

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