Clipboard Menu Commands

We're all familiar with the standard Copy and Paste commands, but Sandvox offers more:

Cut, Copy & Paste
Cuts, copies or pastes the current selection.
Paste and Match Style
Pastes the text, but makes its formatting (e.g. font) match the area it is being pasted into.
Copy/Paste Style
Copies and pastes only the formatting of a piece of text.

All commands can be found in the Edit menu except the "Copy/Paste Style" commands which are in the Format menu.

Paste and Match Style

When you're pasting a piece of text from another application, you can use this command to ensure it perfectly matches the style of the area it's being pasted into. Sandvox strips the text of all its formatting and pastes it as if it were a piece of plain text.

Paste Link

If the clipboard contains a link to another web page — either an external website, or a page on your site, this will paste a link to that page.

Copy & Paste Style

Copies and pastes only the formatting (e.g. the font size, color, italics, etc.) of the selected text. The letters and words won't be copied.

This is useful if you have a nicely formatted piece of text on one page, and you want to use the same formatting for text on another page. Rather than having to carefully adjust the various font settings of the second text, you can just copy and paste the style of the first piece.

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