Downloading and Installing Sandvox

To download Sandvox directly from Karelia and install on your Mac:

  1. Download the Sandvox disk image from our website. Note: the "demo" is exactly the same download as the full application.
  2. If you are using Safari, the download should go smoothly. If you are using Firefox, you may be asked what to do; choose Open with DiskImageMounter. If you are using Chrome, there may be an alarming-looking warning on your window; you're safe to click "Keep."
  3. Double-click the "zip" file to decompress it.
  4. Drag the Sandvox application to your desired location - usually your Applications folder
  5. Double-Click Sandvox. You will need to confirm that you intended to launch it, and agree to the licensing agreement in order to proceed.

If you don't move Sandvox into the applications folder yourself, you will be asked if you wish to move it there.

Mac App Store

If you purchased Sandvox through the Mac App Store, installation and updating is handled through its built-in mechanism.

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