Sandvox does not have built-in support for e-commerce since it requires the site's host to be correctly set up for this feature. With raw HTML though, you can effectively add e-commerce support to a site.

If you are contemplating such a task, you may also find the Support Forum a useful place for discussing your ideas with other Sandvox users.

The Easy Way

The simplest way to use e-commerce within a Sandvox site is to use an external website (such as PayPal) for payment processing.

  1. Set up the external payment site as appropriate.
  2. On your Sandvox site, create a listing of the items for sale. This could be in the form of a Photo Album, or some other kind of Collection.
  3. To each page listing an item, add a Raw HTML object. The object needs to contain HTML code that provides a "Buy Now" button, linking to the external payment site. The company providing this site should be able to provide you with suitable code.

Site visitors then view the items on your Sandvox site and click the "Buy Now" button to make their payment and order the item.

The Hard Way

The alternative is to use the Raw HTML feature to create a site as if you were working from scratch, without the support of Sandvox.

This would probably require heavy use of custom Code Injection, server-side PHP scripting, and Raw HTML pages and objects.

Karelia is not currently aware of any out-of-the-box products to accomplish this.

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