Embedded videos do not appear on my locally published site

Sandvox offers the ability to publish a site to a folder on your computer. This allows you to browse the site in a web browser before publishing it, or upload it using an FTP client.

If you attempt to view your website by directly opening the files using the Finder, you may notice that videos hosted online (such as YouTube and Vimeo videos) embedded on your site are missing or show an error message. This error occurs when your browser has 'file://' at the beginning of a URL, which is what happens when you open a local webpage. This would not be the case when you publish your site via Sandvox's built-in publisher or via a third-party FTP client as long as your videos are reachable and are correctly inserted to your Sandvox document. If they can be viewed and played within Sandvox, they should be viewable and playable when published.

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