The Footer appears at the bottom of every page of a site. Generally you use it for any "parting words" such as copyright or contact information.

A typical Footer.

To edit the Footer, simply click it and edit it like any other text.

If you are using the Footer for copyright information, you will probably wish to include the copyright symbol.

To insert a copyright symbol:

  1. Click the Footer to begin editing it.
  2. Press option-g.


  1. Click the Footer to begin editing it.
  2. From the Edit menu, open the Character Palette by choosing "Special Characters."
  3. From the list of categories select "Miscellaneous."
  4. The copyright symbol should be the first item in this category. To add it to your Footer, drag it there or double-click it.

If you are using the Footer to hold your contact details, you could just write your e-mail address there. However, to make life easier for your visitors, it is a good idea to make the address into a link.

To add your e-mail address as a link:

  1. Click the Footer to begin editing it.
  2. Type your e-mail address.
  3. Select your e-mail address and click the "Create Link" item in the toolbar.

Note that placing your e-mail address here does potentially expose it to spammers. An alternative to consider is the use of a Contact Form.

Multi-line Text

The Footer allows only a single paragraph of text, but if you particularly need it, extra lines can be adding by pressing option-return to insert a line break. Note that the Footer in some designs is of a fixed height so that the extra lines may not be visible.

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