Index Plug-Ins

In addition to SVPlugIn, Sandvox provides a specialized subclass: SVIndexPlugIn. Its intention is to be connected to a collection (-indexedCollection), and generate HTML from that.

Index Info.plist keys


SVPlugInIsIndex is a boolean value. Set it to True and your plug-in will appear in the "Indexes" submenu.


An array of dictionaries. Used to populate Sandvox's list of page templates (e.g. the "New" toolbar item).

Let's say you've written an index plug-in that you expect to be used for podcasting. SVIndexMasters in the Info.plist would look something like:

This will cause Sandvox to generate a "Podcast" menu item. When selected, a collection is created that:

The menu item's icon is the "podcast.icns" image from your plug-in's bundle. if you don't specify this key, or the user is running Sandvox 2.0.x, then the plug-in's icon is substituted in.

Want more control? Let us know, more keys will be supported/published in the future.

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