Karelia Services

Some Sandvox features make use of Karelia's servers in order to provide their full functionality. In Sandvox these are:

Contact Form
When a visitor sends a message to you using a Contact Form, the message is actually first sent to a Karelia server, and then relayed to you. Advanced users can override the standard service used.
Page Counter
Uses the Karelia servers to log and retrieve the number of times a page has been viewed.
RSS Feed
The RSS Feed object uses a Karelia server to take the RSS feed of a page and display it.

Karelia provides these services as a courtesy to Sandvox users; they are not intended to be used from any websites that were not built with Sandvox. Additionally, Karelia cannot and does not guarantee the delivery of Contact Form email through its relay, any spam filters, or other third party systems.

If your needs go beyond what we are able to provide with these services, you will probably need to set up a service yourself and connect to it using a Raw HTML object.


The features listed above may occasionally not work due to an issue with our servers. If you are experiencing an issue with a Karelia service, you can:

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