Sandvox Localization Agreement

Contact us first, before you start localizing! Please do not start localizing Sandvox without communicating with Karelia Software first as we may have agreed to let someone do a localization already. Non requested localization will not be accepted. Karelia Software will give priority to someone who has experience in localizing Mac OS X software.

Karelia Software reserves the right to edit or otherwise modify localizations, or to reject localizations if they do not meet Karelia's standards. Localizations submitted to Karelia may be incorporated by Karelia into Sandvox or otherwise used in any medium. All submitted localizations become the property of Karelia Software upon submission.

How to localize Sandvox

Tools and Preparation

You will need:

General Techniques

Items not to localize


Be sure to follow the terminology that Apple uses whenever possible.

If it is not entirely obvious, you may want to look at Apple's products or documentation to determine the matching term. For instance, the English "Photo Stream" is used in iPhoto, so you might want to use iPhoto and see what it is called in your language. (It may not be a literal translation!)

See Apple's Developer's site for these articles/documents :

Feel free to check with Karelia if any terms, or their context, are ambiguous, so we can explain and possibly improve the comments that accompany the words for future localization.

Special Cases

Special Characters

Pay attention to the occasional string that starts or ends with a space. Please keep the space in the translation, since it is probably designed to be appended to another string, and losing the space would be strange.

Nib Warnings: We Are (mostly) Not Translating Nibs

We are using a technique in which the nib files are not directly localized. Instead, all of the strings in our nibs are found in .strings files. Therefore, you will get a lot of warnings about nibs nib being internationalized. The warnings will refer to files that are:

Ignore these warnings.

Nibs that we are translating

Note that we are translating "MainMenu.nib". This is the only exception. While you will see most nibs as empty (due to the above errors/warnings), MainMenu.nib will appear in your window as being translatable.

Delivering Localizations to Karelia

1. Choose Use "Export…" from the "Project" menu.

2. Choose the appropriate options to export only the language resources, and compress the result:

In iLocalize, click "Options" in the upper right corner. In the sheet that appears, we recommend checking both checkboxes in the "Output Name" section. In the "Output Format" section, please check "Only language folders" and "Zipped". In the final section of options, do not check "Compact nib files."

3. Send the file it has created to Karelia. You can email it, share a DropBox link, etc.

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