Meta Description

The meta description text is a description of each page's contents. It is optional, but it is a good idea to set this for your pages to maximize their exposure to search engines. You can set this text from the Page Details area.

The text of the meta description is not seen on your page, but it is used by search engines, in two ways:

This is an image of a typical search engine result.

Notice the text after the title in the image above. You can control what appears in that text by specifying it in the meta description. Sandvox allows you to to do that in the Meta Description field at the bottom of the Sandvox display.

For presenting the description to search engine visitors, Google shows only the first 156 characters of the meta description. (Other search engines will show a similar number.) If your meta description goes beyond that length, it will be truncated with ellipses.

With Google being the dominant search engine, Sandvox shows a character counter at the left-hand side of the field to warn you when the Meta Description you're encoding is approaching or exceeding 156 characters. You are welcome to continue entering text, but it will probably be truncated when somebody finds your website's listing on Google.

The background color of the counter would be black when the character count is way below 150.

The background color would change to maroon as the character count approaches 156.

When character count goes beyond 156, background color changes to red.

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