Nib File

Most plug-ins can have a nib file which is used for populating the inspector.

The nib file should contain, at its top level, at least the following:


Please use language codes (like "en") not names (like "English") for your localized resources. This means that the English nib would go into the en.lproj directory.

See also view layout guidelines below that will help with localization.


In your bindings, there are several ways that you can bind (because the plug-in class forwards property requests to the delegate, and those are equivalent to the plugin properties, but the trick is to do the binding in such a way that you can do dependent keys and so forth.

The current suggestion is to bind to You may need to make explicit accessor methods in your plug-in delegate class.

View Layout

Your inspector view should be 250 pixels wide, and no more than about 300 pixels tall, please. In translated versions, the nib may be localized and resized to a wider width like 280 or 300 pixels. To help with this, here are some layout suggestions:

Some other layout guidelines:

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