Remotely editing and publishing a Sandvox site

To work on a Sandvox site, you open a Sandvox document in the Sandvox application and edit it. All the information about the site is kept within this document and not on the final published website.

Thus, to edit and publish a Sandvox site, you must have access to both the Sandvox application and the site document. Because of this, editing a site from another computer other than your own is rather tricky. A few options are available:

Portable site document
If you will be in a situation where you have access to another Mac with Sandvox installed, you can simply move the site's document around with you and edit and publish from that. You could place the document on a USB thumb drive or use Dropbox as a way to synchronize your copies of Sandvox.
Remote desktop
If your Sandvox site can be kept on a Mac which is permanently switched on and has Internet access, you could use a tool like VNC to remotely access and control that computer. While logged into it, you can then edit and publish the site.
Hosted website service
There are a number of services available where the editing of a website is carried out online using a standard web browser, such as You could create the two websites - one with Sandvox, and one with Blogger. The Sandvox site acts as the main part of your site and contains information that does not need to be edited. From there you then link to the Blogger site, which can be updated from anywhere.

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