Site changes don't appear after publishing

Sometimes, if you make a change to a site and then publish it, those changes don't appear on the published site. This might happen for a number of reasons:

Your web browser still has the old pages cached

As you open webpages, most browsers save the contents of the pages in a temporary location (called the "cache") to make it faster to open them again. An unfortunate side effect is that sometimes the browser may not immediately recognize that a page has changed after publishing it. You can force your browser to load the fully up-to-date version of the page by clearing the cache.

To clear the cache in Safari:

  1. Choose "Empty Cacheā€¦" from the "Safari" menu.
  2. Click the "Empty" button.
  3. Reload the webpage.

Similar instructions apply for other web browsers, but for full details, please see your browser's documentation.

Problems with your Host

Your host might be having some temporary trouble with their servers.

You can try to:

Deleting Files Before Publishing

Your host may not allow Sandvox to replace files; instead, existing files must first be deleted and then a new one created. If this is the case you can fix the issue by setting "Delete pages when publishing" in the Hidden Preferences.

You have found a bug in Sandvox

If all else fails, it is possible that you may have found a bug in Sandvox. Please visit our support forum to try and resolve the issue.

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