Troubleshooting HTML code

The most common reason that HTML code added to a Sandvox site does not work as planned:

As much as the staff of Karelia would like to help you make your site exactly what you envision, we cannot proofread HTML, provide advice or guidance on how to use HTML to accomplish a particular goal, or offer an HTML tutorial.

The good news is there are many sites that do provide such guidance, and whether you're new to HTML or an old-timer who can't remember a particular tag, we encourage you to review the following sites when troubleshooting HTML:

Third party provided code does not appear correctly

A common use for adding custom HTML code to a Sandvox site is to incorporate HTML provided by another website or service. In some cases this code will actually check the URL of the site it is being loaded from and behave accordingly (e.g. forecast data). This can result in code that appears correctly on your published website, but not within the Sandvox interface. At present, the only solution is to test such code online using your website.

Images in my HTML code appear as blue question marks

One common issue is that an <img> tag does not appear correctly in the Web View. Instead of seeing the image you expect, a blue question mark appears:

This could be because:

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