Karelia Announces Amaphone; Streamlines Amazon.com Use on the iPhone

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, June 29, 2007: Karelia Software announces the release of the beta version of Amaphone™, the easiest way to browse and shop Amazon.com on an iPhone.

Karelia Software, known as the developer of the award-winning Watson® and Sandvox™ applications for the Mac, has released the free beta version of Amaphone to coincide with the launch of Apple's revolutionary iPhone.

"All the fans of Watson who relied on it to streamline their use of many popular and information-rich sites will recognize the efficient and user-friendly interface," said Dan Wood, cofounder of Karelia Software. "When you're trying to search Amazon.com on iPhone's version of Safari the experience is a frustrating one; with Amaphone you can focus on getting prices, checking availability, and ordering direct from Amazon.com in a fraction of the time."

"We knew we had a great web-based utility for the iPhone after reading David Pogue's review in Wednesday's New York Times," added Terrence Talbot, cofounder of Karelia Software. "The review was clear: with wi-fi the iPhone web experience was satisfying, but when you have to rely on the EDGE network, the wait can be excruciating, over a minute and a half to load Amazon.com. Amaphone makes Amazon.com a breeze on the iPhone, however fast--or slow--your network connection."

Amaphone is a web-based application that users access by visiting <http://amaphone.com/> on their iPhone browser. Amaphone allows users to enter search terms, to browse by category, and to make purchases directly from Amazon.com. Amaphone also works great from any Safari web browser, even on your desktop, Mac or PC.

Karelia Software welcomes feedback on this beta version of Amaphone; an email link for this purpose is built into the application.

To use Amaphone, visit <http://amaphone.com/> on your iPhone. To learn more about Karelia Software, visit Karelia's website: <http://www.karelia.com/>.