Karelia Software Releases Sandvox 2.0

Vastly Increased Power and Flexibility Help Mac Users Create Websites Easier Than Ever Before

Alameda, Calif. - May 10, 2011 - Karelia Software today released Sandvox 2.0, a major upgrade to its award-winning, easy-to-use website building software for the Mac. 

With more than five-dozen new features and major improvements, Sandvox 2.0 represents a huge leap forward for anyone using a Mac to easily create powerful websites. All of the new features and improvements are designed to give the modern website builder more flexibility than ever. 

"Sandvox 2 makes it stunningly easy to create powerful websites," said Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software. "We've made literally dozens of improvements to give our customers the easiest to use website building tool available on the Mac today. Sandvox 2 is far more flexible and a quantum leap forward for our customers."

Sandvox 2.0 introduces a completely new architecture and new editing engine, which allows customers to mix and match web page content "objects" in a much more naturally expressive and creative way. For example, photography and video can now both reside on the same page, along with text, custom HTML and various other "objects."

Sandvox 2.0 also introduces a completely new design chooser and a much more powerful Inspector that makes it easy to selectively adjust page layout, modify objects, and apply modern page features.

The new design chooser lets users page through thumbnails of designs and quickly zero in on a choice. Sandvox 2.0 comes with several new designs as well as new color variations of previously available designs. In addition, Sandvox 2.0 automatically includes the latest version of the Karelia iMedia Browser, an open source contribution which is now a staple in many popular Mac apps.

For the power user, a new Raw HTML object handles direct placement, including live resizing, of any HTML, JavaScript, PHP, or other inserted web code, such as popular embed codes provided by other sites. In addition, a new built-in Raw HTML editor automatically checks the validity of inserted code and helps ensure standards compliance.

Sandvox 2.0 sites automatically support HTML5 and jQuery. Comment support is now available via Disqus, IntenseDebate and Facebook Comments. New plug-ins provide support for Facebook and Twitter. In addition, a plug-in API is now available for third-party developers. 

"Sandvox 2 brings some much desired updates like easier Facebook integration, more object control, and a more intuitive WYSIWYG interface," explained Bryan Gray, professional wine photographer, Napa Valley. "Sandvox 2, and the entire beta testing process I experienced, proves that Sandvox and its developers really listen to their users and do their best to integrate user needs."

"Our customers don't need to know a lick of HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 or any other technical stuff to drag-and-drop their way to a cool website," Wood added. "That said, people who do know a bit of HTML can use their knowledge to build a powerful site, without being bogged down in the details of putting the whole website together."

For more information on Sandvox 2.0, visit the company's website:  <http://www.karelia.com/sandvox/>

Pricing and Availability 

Sandvox 2.0 requires Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) or higher and is currently available in English and French, with localization for additional languages expected during the coming months. 

Sandvox 2.0 is regularly priced at US$77 and available directly from Karelia Software. Registered owners of Sandvox 1.x are eligible to purchase Sandvox 2.0 for a special upgrade price of US$47.

For a limited time, Sandvox 2.0 is introductory priced at US$67 (regularly US$77), and upgrades are introductory priced at US$37 (regularly US$47), through May 20, 2011. 

Anyone who purchased Sandvox after January 5, 2011 is eligible to receive a free upgrade, and, if registered, will be notified automatically via email. New licenses, upgrades, household licenses and site licenses are all available directly from Karelia Software by visiting:  <https://secure.karelia.com/buy_now/>

About Karelia Software

Karelia Software, winner of Macworld Eddy and Apple Design Awards, is known for producing groundbreaking Mac apps. Karelia's premier application, Sandvox, redefines how websites are built, combining power and flexibility with world class ease-of-use and making it possible for anyone to build the website of their dreams. <http://www.karelia.com/>

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