Karelia Releases Sandvox™, Groundbreaking Website Builder Application for Mac OS X 

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, May 16, 2006: Karelia Software today announced the immediate availability of its pioneering website building application, Sandvox (TM).

Sandvox is available for downloading and purchase from Karelia's website at www.karelia.com in both regular and 'Pro' versions. The introductory price for a single-user license for Sandvox is US$39.00; for Sandvox Pro, US$69.00. Household licenses (allowing multiple users in one household) and site licenses are also available.

"Since we previewed Sandvox last year, we've been overwhelmed with the demand that the Mac community has demonstrated for an easy, Mac-like way of building and publishing websites," said Dan Wood, co-creator with Terrence Talbot of Sandvox. "I think Mac users will be pleased with our solution for easily building websites, weblogs, and online photo albums."

Sandvox was developed with individuals, families, students, schools, and small businesses in mind. It features drag-and-drop website assembly, live editing without a preview mode, two dozen stylish designs, and over a dozen types of innovative Pagelets, small areas of content that reside within a web page's sidebar.

Sandvox is weblog- and podcast-ready. Any collection of pages can be organized as a weblog, with automatic RSS generation. Uploaded media, such as MP3 files and QuickTime movies, become an iTunes-compatible podcast without any additional effort. Similarly, uploaded photos are compatible with iPhoto's "Photocast" element.

Sandvox also sports a helpful setup assistant for hassle-free publishing. Websites can be placed on the user's local machine and uploaded to remote hosts via FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV, including .Mac.

The Pro version of Sandvox additionally provides for creation of Raw HTML content as pages or pagelets allowing advanced users to integrate additional elements and support server-side scripting.

Sandvox has a highly pluggable architecture. Karelia has made available a Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for Cocoa developers to build their own page components (pages, pagelets, and listing indexes, as well as drag-and-drop integration with other applications). In addition, Karelia has published a Designer's Kit that will allow web developers with knowledge of CSS to create their own page designs.

Sandvox 1.0, a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel architectures, requires Mac OS X "Tiger" version 10.4.4 and above. The initial version is available in English and French, with support for more languages due later.

More information about Sandvox is available at Karelia's Website (created with Sandvox, of course): <http://www.karelia.com/>.