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Sandvox makes website creation elegant, intuitive and fun. It’s the Macintosh way — the way it should be: drag and drop content, watch your site take shape as you create it, and publish. Sandvox makes it easy to keep in touch via the Web with friends, family and customers.

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Manage your Document

A Sandvox Window

Create a document from Sandvox that holds all of your text, graphics, and multimedia for a single website. You maintain your pages using the site navigator on the left of the window, and see a live view of your selected page.

The Sandvox Document Window

Document Management

The Site Navigator

Directly Edit Your Text

Editing Text

Directly edit your page’s text without the need of a “preview” mode. You see your text immediately in the Web View, as it will appear in a browser.

Text Editing

The Web View

Choose From Many Designs


Choose from fifty page designs, which control the layout, background graphics, and overall “look” of your website.

The Design Chooser

Sandvox Designs

Build Pages and Collections with Objects


A website is made up of one or more web pages, holding text and media. Mixed in with your text, or on your sidebar, are "objects" which include graphics, videos, and other web-based content. Groups of pages are called collections, e.g. photo albums or weblogs.




Import Your Content with Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop, iMedia

Use Sandvox’s built-in media browser to drag content directly into your website. Or just drag files in from the Finder.

The Media Browser

Drag and Drop

Set the Details with the Inspector


Adjust particular settings for your entire website, the selected page, or selected items on your page using the inspector window

The Inspector

Inspecting Your Site

Page Attributes

Publish Your Site on the Web

Host Setup Assistant

Before you publish your site, use the Host Setup Assistant to walk you through the steps you need to specify and verify the host for your website, where you can publish via FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV.

The Host Setup Assistant

Publishing Your Site