Sandvox integrates with a number of well-known third-party commenting systems to provide site visitors with the ability to leave comments on your site. If you wish to support comments, you can choose from one of the following providers on a per-site basis:

Each of these providers have advantages and disadvantages to their particular approach, look, and user experience. You may want to study the differences between them, and do some experimenting, before settling on a comment provider for your site.

To enable comments on your site:

  1. From the File menu choose 'Configure Comments Provider…'
  2. Select the provider from the Comments Provider popup.
  3. Enter the appropriate ID:
    • For Disqus, enter the “short name” of your site as registered to your Disqus account.
    • For IntenseDebate, enter your account ID (a very long string of letters and numbers) corresponding to “idcomments_acct” in IntenseDebate’s “generic install” instructions.
    • For Facebook, enter your App ID.
  4. Click the Done button.

You must then enable comments for each page you wish to allow them on. (Sandvox automatically enables comments for certain pages such as those in a blog.)

To enable comments for a particular page:

  1. Select the page or pages in the Site Navigator.
  2. Open the Page Inspector to the Appearance tab.
  3. Check the “Comments” box.

Index pages show “comment count” of entries automatically, with a link to the full entry, for all comment systems, rather than showing all comments in-line. Comments are now seen only in the complete weblog entry page.


In some rare cases with Disqus comments is will appear if some of the text is overlapping. To fix this log into your Disqus account and change the theme that it is set to. You would change it under Settings, Appearance.

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