Finding your license key

When you purchase Sandvox, you are given a license key. This is a series of random words (usually including your name at the beginning). The key tells Sandvox that you have paid for the application and "unlocks" it for full use. You enter the license key as detailed in "Registering Sandvox."

At some point you may need to find your license key again, either to re-register Sandvox, or for use as a coupon when upgrading.


As part of the purchasing process, Karelia will e-mail your Sandvox license key to you. We recommend that print out this e-mail and keep the key in a safe place.

If you never received your Sandvox license key, it could be because your junk mail filter accidentally blocked it. Check your junk mail folder to see if you can find it. If not, follow the instructions below to recover a lost key.

Recovering a Lost Key

If you have lost your license key:

  1. Visit our lost license key retrieval page.
  2. Fill out the form and submit it.

You can then enter your recovered license key into Sandvox as described in "Registering Sandvox."

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