Purchasing Sandvox

You can purchase Sandvox directly from Karelia Software; see below for details.

If you wish, you can purchase Sandvox through Apple's Mac App Store by going to our App Store Page. For more details, see our Mac App Store documentation.

There are some minor advantages to purchasing directly from Karelia; there are few features not available on the Mac App Store edition. (more details)

Below are the instructions for purchasing Sandvox directly from Karelia Software.

To purchase Sandvox:

  1. Download and install Sandvox
  2. Launch it
  3. Choose "Buy/Register Sandvox…" from the Sandvox menu


  1. Visit our online store.

Check or fill in the information that is requested. There are three main sections to fill out.

Purchase Sandvox (Licensing and Price)

Fill out the first section to choose the type of license you wish to purchase so we can determine the price you will pay.

License Type
Single user, Household (up to 4 persons in the same dwelling), and Site (multiple users in an organization)
Number of Users
For site licenses only. The number of users to purchase a license for. Please see the "Licensing" article for more information.
Coupon Code
If you have been given a promotional code, enter it here. Then click the "Redeem" button.
Upgrading from a previous license
If you are upgrading to Sandvox 2 or a household license, you can enter your previous Sandvox license key to receive a discount. Click "Apply" when done. (Note: You cannot enter both a coupon code and a previous license.) Please see "Upgrading a Sandvox License" for more information.

Note the price you will need to pay; it is calculated based on the price of a license with any discounts taken into account. Prices are in US dollars; if your local currency is not US dollars, your credit card will be automatically charged the equivalent amount. For many currencies, we show an approximate equivalent. Please contact your credit card company to determine the exact exchange rate and any other fees you may be charged for purchasing in US dollars.

Your Info

This section is to get information about you, and, optionally, whom the license is for.

Your Name
Your Email
Is this purchase a gift or in somebody else's name?
Click this to disclose fields for the name to appear on the license, and the email to send the license to.
How did you hear about Sandvox?
We're curious!

Secure Credit Card Payment

The final section is to collect the payment. Either fill out the credit card fields next, or click on the "PayPal" button to continue your purchase using PayPal.

If you already have an account with PayPal, you may find it to be the most convenient option. You can pay by deducting from any balance in your PayPal account, transfer from your bank account, or use them to process your credit card.

Otherwise, you can pay with a credit card by entering the information on our secure form.

Card Number
Enter your credit card number, from the front of the card. This will be around 13 to 16 digits. You can separate them by spaces if you wish. You don't need to specify what kind of card it is; as you enter the number it will be determined automatically.
Choose the month and year of your card's expiration. This will also be on the front of your card.
Verification Code
Sometimes called a CVC or CVV, this is a small number that is usually printed, not engraved on your card. It is used to verify that you have the card in your possession. Check the diagram for its approximate location. If you are having trouble finding this number, please contact your credit card company for help.

Once you have entered the information, click the "Buy Now" button.

Your receipt will be emailed to you. Your license key will be emailed as a separate email. (If you specified a different address for the license, it will be sent to that email address instead.)


As you make your purchase, you can confirm that you have a secure, encrypted connection to our purchasing web page.

Check for a "lock" icon in the top right corner of your browser window. Click on it for more details.
Click on the blue "karelia.com" in the address bar of your window. Confirm that there is a lock icon.
Check for a "lock" icon in the address bar. Click on it for more details.
other browsers
Check on your browser documentation for details.

You can read more information about our credit card processing company, Stripe.com.


If you purchased Sandvox using our online store, you will also need to register it. Please see "Registering Sandvox" for more information.

If instead you purchased Sandvox from the store built into the application, it will be automatically registered for you.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60 day money-back guarantee for Sandvox. If within those 60 days you do wish to refund your purchase, please contact us directly, quoting your transaction information (confirmation number from us, or transaction/receipt ID).

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