Upgrading a Sandvox License

This page is about upgrading the type of license for Sandvox from one level to another. If you wish to upgrade the Sandvox program to a newer version, just download the program from our website and replace the copy you have on your hard drive.

Sandvox is available under three different licenses (single, household and site), depending on the number of users for which you wish to purchase Sandvox.

Whichever you have purchased, it is the same application that is downloaded and installed on your computer. The only difference is the license key that your enter into Sandvox. e.g. a particular license key will allow you to use Sandvox for just yourself, but another will give you a household license.

The following upgrades are allowed:

To upgrade a license:

  1. Launch Sandvox and choose "Buy/Register Sandvox…" from the Sandvox menu. Or, go to our online store.
  2. Choose the new license type you want.
  3. Check "I am upgrading from another Sandvox license".
  4. Enter your existing license key into the coupon field. The license key will look something like this:
    Your Name Some Random Words
    If you have lost your key, please see "Finding your license key."
  5. Click "Apply" and verify that the price reflects a discount.
  6. Click the "Buy Now" button and follow the instructions.

Once you are finished, the upgrade is automatically registered for you if you were using the built-in store, although you may need to relaunch Sandvox to complete it.

Alternatively, you may have bought the upgraded license from our online store. If so, your new license key must be entered into Sandvox by hand, replacing the old one.

To replace the old license key:

  1. Launch Sandvox and choose "Buy/Register Sandvox…" from the Sandvox menu.
  2. Click the "Clear License" button.
  3. Enter your new key and click the "Register" button.

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