Flickr Badge

A Flickr badge is an object that displays public photos from Flickr.

A Flickr object.


To edit a Flickr Badge, you use the Object Inspector. In addition to those listed below, there are some general object attributes that can be set.

Flickr ID

Enter the account ID code of a Flickr account (generally your own) in the form "#########@###" to display only public photos from that account. If you don't specify an ID, the badge will display public photos from all accounts.

You can generally find your ID by looking at the URL of your "You" page or individual photo pages.

If you need help determining your Flickr ID:

  1. Log in to your Flickr account.
  2. Click the "You" link at the top of the page.
  3. Copy the URL of the page from the address bar.
  4. Go to
  5. Paste the address you copied into the box, and click the "Find" button.
  6. Copy the ID given to you by the site and paste it into Sandvox.


The photos in the badge are limited to those that match all the tags entered here. Leave this field empty to use all public photos, regardless of tag. You can specify multiple tags by separating them with commas, like this:

apple, sandvox

You might use this feature to display only photos relevant to the content of your site or a particular page.

Photos must be publicly searchable in order to show up.


Choose between a simple grid of thumbnails or a dynamic Flash slideshow to display the photos.

Number to show

If a simple viewer style is used, the number of photos to display.

Photos to select

Choose between listing the most recent photos, or simply a random selection.

Include link to more photos

Determines text linking to more photos with the same tag will be displayed at the bottom of the object.

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