Manually Sending a Crash Report

Sandvox includes an automatic problem reporter to report crashes to Karelia. However, if you are having major issues, Karelia may request you send a crash report manually to diagnose the problem.

To manually send a Crash Report:

  1. Launch the Console application (found in the Applications → Utilities folder).
  2. Make the Logs column visible by clicking the "Show Log List" item in the toolbar if necessary.
  3. From the list, select "~/Library/Logs → Crash Reporter → Sandvox.crash.log"
  4. From the File menu, click "Save a Copy As…" and temporarily save the log somewhere convenient such as the Desktop.
  5. Begin a reply to the email Karelia sent requesting the console log and attach to it the log file you just saved.
  6. Add any additional information to the e-mail that may be useful to us.
  7. Send the e-mail and delete the temporary log file.

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