What to do if Sandvox encounters a problem

Occasionally, Sandvox may encounter some kind of error while running. If the error does not cause Sandvox to quit unexpectedly, the built-in problem reporter will appear on your screen.

Sandvox's built-in exception reporter

If you get this kind of message, please click the "Send This Report" button to help us make improvements to the application. This will send an excerpt of your console log along with information about where the error occurred in the flow of the program. Although optional, providing an email address will allow us to contact you should we need to follow up. No personal data will be transmitted other than what you provide to us.

When Sandvox encounters a problem, it might be unstable. To be on the safe side, it's a good idea to quit and restart the application.

After you have reported a particular kind of problem, you may encounter the problem again later. Subsequent instances of the identical problem will present an alert, but will not attempt to send a redundant problem report to Karelia.

If an Internet connection is not available to transmit your problem report to Karelia, the information will be saved and sent to Karelia Software later, when you are running the application with an available Internet connection.

Reporting Unexpected Quits

If Sandvox unexpectedly quits, it may be due to a problem with Sandvox, or it may be related to other programs or settings. (More detail on this kind of issue can be found here and here.) Immediately after an application quits unexpectedly, you are asked to report this problem — but this information is only sent to Apple.

In order for Karelia to receive this valuable feedback, Sandvox will ask you to send a problem report the next time it is launched. (The alert will be titled Help us improve Sandvox.) Please send the report, optionally including your email address, so that we may contact you if we have any questions. After you have sent the report, you can continue using Sandvox.

If you click "Automatically Send Problem Reports," these problem reports will henceforth be sent automatically.

Problem Reporter Preferences

If, instead of clicking "Send This Report" you click "Automatically Send Problem Reports," you will no longer be asked to report problems to Karelia; the information (along with the email address you have specified) will be sent automatically when a problem is encountered. We recommend you choose this option to best assist us in improving the software.

You can also choose whether to automatically send problem reports, be asked before sending them, or never report them using Preferences.

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