You can easily add a video from Vimeo to your site, using a Vimeo object.

Adding a Vimeo Object

If you have Preferences set to "Read URLs from web browser," you can add a Vimeo page very easily.

To add a Vimeo video to a site:
A -- Drag a Vimeo URL into a web view (or the site navigator)
or ...
B -- Create a Vimeo Object, and then,
- If you have the preference set and you are already on that page, it will be loaded automatically
- Drag in the URL to the object
- Paste in the embed code into the inspector

Note that Vimeo videos have the same size restrictions as other videos.


Video Source

Paste the URL of the Vimeo video here.


Check "Loop" to have the video automatically start again when it reaches the end. Check "Autoplay" to have the video start playing as soon as the page loads. (Use this option with caution — your visitors may not expect this to happen!)

You also have the ability to turn off "constrain proportions" in the Metrics Inspector, allowing you to type in the exact pixel values you want for width and height. (Turn constrain proportions back on and this ability goes away.)

Show (if possible)

If supported by the video you have chosen, you can opt to display the video's title, byline, and user portrait.

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