Karelia Updates Sandvox to 1.0.2, adds Introductory Screencast

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, June 14, 2006: Karelia Software today announced the release of version 1.0.2 of its pioneering website building application, Sandvox (TM), along with a new introductory screencast.

The new version provides a number of bugfixes, and now includes a standard "Format" menu for additional control of text, along with several minor feature updates.  This version now indexes your document's entire contents with Spotlight.

Karelia has also made available an eighteen-minute screencast introduction to Sandvox.  Part tutorial and part product demonstration, it's a narrated walk-through of Sandvox that shows off the creation of a new site, adding weblogs and photo albums, publishing, using the inspector, and exploring advanced and "Pro" features. The screencast can be opened from within Sandvox 1.0.2, or can be viewed over the web at <http://www.karelia.com/screencast.html>.

Sandvox is available for downloading and purchase from Karelia's website at www.karelia.com in both regular and 'Pro' versions. Through June 16th, the introductory price for a single-user license for Sandvox is US$39.00; for Sandvox Pro, US$69.00. After June 16th, prices will go to their standard $49.00 and $79.00, respectively.  Household licenses (allowing multiple users in one household) and site licenses are also available.

Sandvox was developed with individuals, families, students, schools, and small businesses in mind. It features drag-and-drop website assembly, live editing without a preview mode, two dozen stylish designs, and over a dozen types of innovative Pagelets, small areas of content that reside within a web page's sidebar.

Sandvox 1.0.2, a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel architectures, requires Mac OS X "Tiger" version 10.4.4 and above, in both English and French.

More information about Sandvox is available at Karelia's Website (created with Sandvox, of course): <http://www.karelia.com/>.