Designers & developers

Interested in adding to Sandvox? We support that. We’ve made a number of hooks available for developers to use to build upon the core Sandvox application. If you’re interested in building designs, be sure to check out the information for website and CSS designers.


For designers who want to develop Sandvox designs for either personal or commercial use, Karelia Software makes a Sandvox design kit available for free. It includes CSS starting points and sample HTML files for testing.

Check out the documentation for designers.


Cocoa developers can create plugins to define custom “objects” for pages, in order to extend the functionality of Sandvox. When installed, your plugin will show up in the “Objects” menu along with built-in ones included with Sandvox. Objects generate content that can appear on any page, in the main body area or the sidebar.

Check out the Sandvox plug-in examples at GitHub.