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Build with objects

How do you build in Sandvox? With objects!

Many designs to choose from

Step 1: Choose a design

When you start a new website in Sandvox, the first step is to choose a design. After you select one, Sandvox will start you out with a Home page listed on the left (the Site Navigator area). To add pages, select them from the ‘New’ menu.

Choose page to insert from toolbar

Step 2: Insert a new page

To add more items to pages, go to the ‘Objects’ menu, and select an object you’d like to add. There are objects that display and share news, images, and information from Flickr, YouTube,, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Choose object to add from toolbar

Step 3: Add objects

Objects can be placed into the main body area, or the sidebar. When selected on a page, they can be moved or repositioned just by dragging them within the area they are in. Explore and edit settings for objects in the Object inspector.

Sandvox includes over 20 objects that make adding content and features easy!

Add text, images, or movies

Use syndication and RSS feeds with blogs or podcasts

Add socal media sharing buttons and features

Feature YouTube videos

Add a blog and make posts quickly

Incorporate a live Google map

Add Amazon products, using your own affiliate tag if desired

Customize with the “Raw HTML” object, and build your own

All of Sandvox’s objects are available in the  Demo. Grab it, and take them for a spin!

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